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Chorizo With Red Wine, Onions and Dates

A great recipe from Spain from my friend Carolina. Serve with crusty bread and watch it dissapear. - Similiar recipes

Another Red Lentil Soup Recipe

Seems like there's as many different recipes for red lentil soup as there is pizza combinations. This one is an adaptation of a recipe from Chef Michele Cranston. Tasty for everyone - perfect for dieters - Similiar recipes
Bastille Burger - Bearnaise Blue Cheese And Red Onion Burger Recipe

Bastille Burger - Bearnaise Blue Cheese And Red Onion Burger Recipe

A home-made burger with three of my favourite French elements included in the ingredients, Bearnaise sauce, French blue cheese and sliced red onions! I made these for a quick lunch on Bastille Day - 14th July, hence the name! I used our excellent local Charolaise beef, a salt marsh beef which is superb, with a good fat to muscle ratio, and a slight tang of herbs and salt. If you want to cut down on the carbs, just have this burger "Naked" without the bun! Likewise for low fat - omit the Bearnaise sauce and chop some fresh tarragon up and mix it with the minced/ground beef. I am not a great lover of commercial burgers, but I do like home-made burgers - and these are now a firm favourite with all my family & friends! This recipe is for 2 people - just increase the ingredients for more people. - Similiar recipes
Glazed Red Pearl Onions

Glazed Red Pearl Onions

We know they're a pain to peel, but we promise that these jewellike pearl onions are worth it. Cooked until just tender, they make a dazzling addition to the meal. - Similiar recipes

Penne with Red Pepper Sauce and Broccoli

"A delicious combination of red pepper sauce, basil, almonds and fresh pasta." - Similiar recipes
Zesty Red Potatoes

Zesty Red Potatoes

"The crushed red pepper comes through in these zippy potatoes shared by Marilyn Weaver of Sparks, Maryland. 'This dish is good with or without the onion,' she promises. 'Either way, you're not likely to have leftovers.'" - Similiar recipes

Red Scalloped Potatoes

"'Here's a different way to serve red potatoes,' shares Clara Honeyager from her Mukwonago, Wisconsin country home. 'Their slightly tangy flavor always appeals to a crowd.'" - Similiar recipes

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