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Nothing To It-slow Cooker Refried Beans Recipe

Nothing To It-slow Cooker Refried Beans Recipe

Just a very simple way to make "refried" beans. A great addition to burritos or taco salad or as a side dish to enchiladas, etc. I highly recommend using at least 1/2 of the liquid as stock...I actually use the stock I have from my "smoked" pork. SOOO good! - Similiar recipes
Crock Pot Fat Free Refried Beans for the Freezer - OAMC

Crock Pot Fat Free Refried Beans for the Freezer - OAMC

It's nice to have some refried beans you can pull out of the freezer for a side with your Mexican meals without opening a can with all the extra fat. One side serving is 1/2 cup, which also makes about 4 tacos or burritos These are a great side dish, may also be used for burritos, and can be served as a main dish with plenty of shredded cheddar and salsa on top. Take the time and make these ahead. You won't be sorry! - Similiar recipes

Instant Refried Beans

Refried Beans (from dry beans) in 10 minutes! (prep time is to make mix) - Similiar recipes

Spicy Pinto Beans Recipe

A wonderful side dish for anything Mexican. Use in place of refried beans. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Crock Pot Low Fat Refried Pinto Beans

Easy to make low-fat refried beans are a family favorite of ours. No one in our how will even touch canned refried beans anymore. We use the beans whole or put them in a Cusinart. All measurements listed below are approximate. I normally just season to taste. - Similiar recipes

Crock Pot Zesty Salsa Refried Pinto Beans

We like our refried beans with a little zest to them..Makes a nice side dish with your favorite mexican dishes. I use homemade salsa #9272 for this recipe, just because I love this salsa and everything tastes good when I use it...But, your favorite store bought would work just as well. - Similiar recipes

Easy Refried Beans

A quick and easy method ideal for a quick lunch stuffed in a tortilla. - Similiar recipes

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