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Bahamian Style Peas and Rice

Bahamian Style Peas and Rice

"Peas and rice, often served under a tropical sun. You may have had it last while sitting on soft white sand, and looking at a clear blue sea. Goes excellently with other traditional Caribbean fare, such as chicken curry or souse." - Similiar recipes
Creole Rice

Creole Rice

"I've found a fast and fantastic way to turn leftover rice into a spectacular side dish. I spice it up with Creole seasoning and pepper to give it a boost of flavor, then sprinkle it with paprika for color. Rest assured that no one will figure out the zippy combination is a 'second-day dish'." - Similiar recipes

Chicken, Rice and Vegetable Soup

"A delicious blend of chicken, rice and vegetables. Perfect as a meal, or to take the edge off hunger between meals. Excellent winter warmer." - Similiar recipes

Chinese Chicken Rice Salad

"This is a salad that tastes better the next day. Instant brown rice may be used for a quicker cook time." - Similiar recipes
Jamaican Rice

Jamaican Rice

"Authentic Jamaican rice. This adds a sweet, vegetarian compliment to spicy dishes!" - Similiar recipes

Cheesy Confetti Rice

"Rice combined with cheese and veggies create this colorful and tasty side dish." - Similiar recipes

Saffron Rice with Raisins and Cashews

"Basmati rice is simmered with clarified butter, cloves, raisins and cashews to create this authentic, slightly sweet taste of India." - Similiar recipes
Indian Style Basmati Rice

Indian Style Basmati Rice

"This is a savory Indian style rice dish flavored with whole spices and fried onions. Soaking the basmati rice before cooking makes all the difference. Serve with your favorite Indian curry or dal (lentils). Make sure you warn people not to bite into the whole spices!" - Similiar recipes

Peas Rice

"This is a very simple to make. Seasoned rice and peas make an excellent main meal. I am sure it will become a favorite once you try it." - Similiar recipes

Restaurant Style Red Beans and Rice

"Believe it or not the secret to many bean dishes is lard. Red beans are simmered, slowly, with ham hock. Then the beans and meat are processed in a food processor with spices and lard. The beans are reheated and served over rice." - Similiar recipes

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