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Gluten Free Holiday Rum Balls

I was missing one of my favorite Holiday treats due to it usually being made with vanilla wafers which contain Gluten and I can't have that so I tinkered around with my recipe and came up with these. They taste wonderful and none of my family guessed they were Gluten Free! Just make sure you add the Rum a little at a time, you don't want your dough to be too runny. I'm going to try dipping some in chocolate too. - Similiar recipes
Rum Balls III

Rum Balls III

"This is an easy recipe for rum balls that can be made in a short amount of time and get better with age. The strength of the rum determines if the kids get any or just the adults. I've used regular rum, coconut flavored rum and 151 proof rum in this recipe and all work great." - Similiar recipes

Easy Peasy Cold Buttered Rum Milkshake

Everyone knows about hot buttered rum to ease those aching muscles after a hard day...but for Floridians, sometimes we need something cold to do that! Great milkshake to soothe those aching muscles! Feel free to increase the rum as necessary for your aches and pains! - Similiar recipes
Cider Heaven  (Cider and Rum over Ice)

Cider Heaven (Cider and Rum over Ice)

I had some cider left from a recipe (FTs 18th century drunken chicken) and a small amount of dark rum. I tried a homemade pina colada with the rum, didn't work--then I poured myself a glass of the hard cider, added rum and fell in love. - Similiar recipes
Hooch Party Punch (Fruity Rum Booze-Cruise Type Concoction)

Hooch Party Punch (Fruity Rum Booze-Cruise Type Concoction)

This is a terrific recipe for "hooch" party punch. This drink is reminiscent of something you'd have on a booze-cruise in the Islands or something. It's fruity and contains rum and what could ever go wrong with that??? This recipe is great for large crowds or a summer party, picnic or BBQ as it makes a good amount. This recipe is compliments of my dear Sister-in-Law who serves it in one of those big orange Gatorade jugs with a spigot at every summer gathering - think they also whip up a batch to bring out on the boat too... It's good stuff, I'll say that! ** Note: you may see white flaky tiny specs in the punch from the Coco Lopez - that is normal ** Also, you MUST use Sailor Jerry's Spiced Navy Rum, it's what makes it. Sailor Jerry's is a 92-proof blend of Caribbean-style rum with hints of vanilla, lime, cherry, cloves, cinnamon and other spices." You must also use Goya brand nectars as listed below. Enjoy!! - Similiar recipes

Rum Balls Recipe

The ever famous rum balls. I myself cant stand rum but my hubby and kids love these. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Hot Rum Toddy Mix Recipe

So good and user Friendly if you don't want to add Rum but like Brandy go for it if you want Virgin Rum Toddy's use Rum or Brandy extract for flavoring or can use .Vanilla extract Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Butter Rum Sauce

This is a great sauce for Bread Puddings. I got this recipe from my grandmother years ago and have no idea where she got it from. The amount of rum is a guess... I have never measured it. The recipe says "to taste". Experiment with rum flavors...Coconut, Spiced, Dark, Light, Gold, etc... Enjoy!! - Similiar recipes

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