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Adult Low Salt & Mineral Dog Food

Both (!) of my girls have had to have surgery to remove bladder stones. I asked their vet for a recipe that I can make for them that I could make instead of buying the high priced prescription dog food. This is the recipe she gave me. This recipe is for the daily feed of a 40 pound dog. I wasn't able to add two ingredients to the list so please see the directions! This freezes very well. I make enough for the week, freeze it in microwavable containers defrost/heat as needed. Both of my girls love this I'm so lucky that my (their) vet was able to find this recipe for us! - Similiar recipes

Szechuan Salt-Pepper

This recipe was created to accompany Sophisticated Stir-Fried Rice\n and Szechuan -Flavored Country Style Spareribs\n. - Similiar recipes

Salt And Pepper Squid Recipe

A quick and delicious dish to impress your guests - leave out the Sichuan pepper if it's too hot. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes
Salt And Pepper Calamari Recipe

Salt And Pepper Calamari Recipe

This Salted and Pepper Calamari....great taste and it's quick...another great dish for you gathering...Have you ever try it in salad???... just toss in the calamari, mixing with your favorite salad and dressing. I got this great cursine from a Manderlay Bay Resort in Vegas.. - Similiar recipes

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