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Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza Quesadilla

In my quest for gluten-free, yeast-free pizza, I'm always trying different things to get that pizza taste that I crave but can't have. One day a few months ago I was really craving pizza while I was at the grocery store, so I bought some pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni and mozarella cheese and this is what I came up with. Not quite the same thing as the pizza I remember, but a pretty close second and it's ready in a pinch! Note: I've also made this with Italian turkey sausage or just plain cheese depending on my mood. - Similiar recipes
Sausage Crescent Rolls

Sausage Crescent Rolls

"Spicy seasoned sausage mixed with cream cheese and wrapped in crescent rolls. For a different variation, add thin slices of pepperoni on the bottom of crescent roll before the sausage mixture and shred cheddar on top of sausage; roll pastry over." - Similiar recipes

Party Sausage Balls

This is a sausage ball recipe that we make every year for the holidays. My kids have a blast making the sausage balls and then watching them "boil". They are different than any I have ever tasted before. They have a candied sweet taste, but, with the sausage they have a definite zip. Hope you enjoy. - Similiar recipes

Black-Eyed Peas and Hot Sausage Stew

This recipe came together after reading several other Black-eyed Pea resipes on RecipeZaar. I love black-eyed peas and they are cheap and a great way to extend the more expensive premium sausage we enjoy. I served this with white rice but cornbread or a cornmeal dumpling would be a great accompaniment . The sausage used if very much like kielbasaADDED AUG 16 2008 I browned the sausage without any fat, renedering the little fat in the sausage out and browned the onions with it, add a little vegetable oil of your choice is your sausage is very lean and you don't get enough fat out of it to brown the onions etc. - Similiar recipes
Sausage Stroganoff Recipe

Sausage Stroganoff Recipe

This is a swedish variety of Beef Stroganoff, quick and easy to make when time is lacking ans everybody is hungry. The sausage is traditionally the swedish Falu sausage (Falukorv), but I guess any plain sausage will do. Wonder how this would taste with a spicy sausage... hmm... - Similiar recipes

Three-Cheese Tortellini With Creamy Italian Sausage Marinara

This is a dish I invented to try and get my picky-eater son to eat something other than macaroni and cheese, hotdogs, or hamburgers! He always thought regular marinara sauce was too "strong tasting"....I think it is just too acidic for him. However, he loves cheese and loves italian sausage. Much to my surprise, I have found that I love this dish as well. I prefer to make the sauce myself, but if you are pressed for time, substitute your favorite pre-made sauce and just add the italian sausage and cream. If you aren't a fan of italian sausage, substitute 1/2 the sausage for ground beef or ground turkey. The rosemary is optional. I like it, but some don't like the taste. If you don't have a picky eater, I would add some mushrooms and possibly some bell peppers. I think those would be nice with the dish. - Similiar recipes

Cousin Frank's "Family Heirloom" Polish Sausage

My cousin's husband-to-be, who was very proud of his Polish heritage, used to bicker with one or our uncles. One day the uncle said that Frank probably didn't even know how to cook Polish sausage. Frank responded that he made the best Polish sausage in the world! As time went by and the wedding got closer, the whole family started nagging him to make his famous sausage for the wedding reception. (Anyone from a large family will understand this with no problem.) This is what he brought, but he refused to give anyone the recipe for years. His mother-in-law finally wormed it out of him, along with the fact the he didn't have a clue how to cook much of anything, let alone Polish sausage. He devised this out of desperation the day before the wedding, and most of us have been eating it ever since. Good for appetizers or main dish. - Similiar recipes
Sausage Egg And Cheese Quesadillas Recipe

Sausage Egg And Cheese Quesadillas Recipe

I adore Waffle House's Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Wrap so I'm hoping that this tastes similarly. This sausage, egg and cheese quesadilla is adapted from a Southern Living recipe. Choosing Southwestern-style Egg Beaters in place of eggs saves at least 40 calories and 4 fat grams per serving. This recipe also uses a Mexican cheese blend made with 2 percent milk, light sausage, and a low-carb, low-fat tortilla. - Similiar recipes
Creole Sausage & Bean Bake

Creole Sausage & Bean Bake

This is a very spicy, hot, Creole dish that I first had while staying with friends in "Naw'lins". The spiciness/heat can be adjusted to your tastes by using a milder sausage than suggested and cutting down on the amount of hot pepper sauce added. Its wonderful served over rice. This recipe doubles well for larger groups. (1 hr 15 minute cooking time includes browning the sausage and cooking the veggies.) Andouille, Creole Hot, Chaurice (New Orleans style Creole)or Italian Hot sausage work best in this recipe. - Similiar recipes

Easy Sausage Cups (Like Sausage Stars)

This is a variation of Sausage Stars/Sausage Cup recipes that use wanton wrappers and ranch dressing. My version uses Tostitos Scoops (bowl shaped corn chips) and cream cheese for some of the ranch dressing. I made these for Christmas Eve and Super Bowl Sunday, and they were a huge hit on both occasions! You can make the filling in advance and refrigerate until you are ready to assemble and bake. If I am taking these to a party, I fill the shells before I leave home and bake when I arrive at the party. They are also great with regular ranch dressing, but we prefer parmesan peppercorn flavor. - Similiar recipes

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