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Baked (Or Grilled) Cedar-Plank Salmon (Real Simple)

This recipe is a (very) slightly adapted version of a recipe from Real Simple magazine, Jan. 2009. It was voted No. 9 in a list of readers 50 favorite recipes! It is delicious and SO easy! Buy your salmon fillets fresh (with skin) and you won't get that fishy smell at all! I baked the salmon when I made this recipe, but I have also included instructions for grilling outdoors. The cedar plank adds a wonderful, smoky flavor. It should be 7 x 14 x 1/3 inches. I found cedar planks in the meat department of my local grocery store. You must soak the cedar plank in water for no less than 30 minutes before use. Prep time includes soaking time. - Similiar recipes

Simple Meaty Quiche Recipe

Around the family its come to be known as "my dish" that everyone loves. great as breakfast leftovers (hot or cold) or late night snack. recispe also easily cuts in half so you can make a different type quiche (see my simple spinache quiche recipe too!) for the other pie dish or just have 1. Serve with a colorful salad or veggie medley. - Similiar recipes
Simple Salad Recipe

Simple Salad Recipe

This salad is so simple to put together, yet it has a cool, refreshing taste. Salad ingredients mixed with fruit make this a very healthy side dish. Prep:5m - Similiar recipes

Banana Cream Treat Refreshing and Simple!!

SO SIMPLE! excellent refreshing treat, great for kids and parents!My mom used to make me this often when i was little - Similiar recipes
Gai Pad Bai Ga-prow - Simple Version Recipe

Gai Pad Bai Ga-prow - Simple Version Recipe

Simple recipes...take a look at another Gai Pad Bai Ga-prow (in my recipes) they are totally different...this one more easy and doesn't need lots of stuff... Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

Super Simple Pesto Pasta Recipe

This dish is pretty easy to make. Just a few ingredients are needed, all of which are normally available at the local supermarket. It's simple, delicious, and most of all, healthy! Prep:15m - Similiar recipes
Beets - Plain and Simple

Beets - Plain and Simple

My DH loves beets.........plain and simple. There are a numerous amount of ways to serve them. When cooked, grate some orange rind over the beets. Dress them with a vinaigrette. Add some sweet onion, parsley, and hard-boiled egg chunks for a hearty salad. Mix with vegetables. - Similiar recipes

Berry Banana Shake - Delicious and Simple!

Delicious, very simple to make!Depending on your tastes, you can change the amounts of milk, frozen berries and banana and it will still be delicious! - Similiar recipes

Candied Sweet Potatoes Made With Simple Syrup Recipe

This recipe is always a classic. One can't go wrong making basic candied sweet potatoes or yams. Everyone loves the recipe Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Simple Swiss Cheese Beer Dip Recipe

An incredibly simple and quick dip to serve with pretzels, its perfect for a Saturday afternoon tailgate! Prep:5m - Similiar recipes

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