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Flavored Frothed Milk

I was in search of a way to make a flavored frothed milk topping for a hot chocolate gift basket... I had the milk frother, but went through many trials and failures of flavoring the milk and getting it to actually froth. I tried pudding mix, powdered creamers... I think I have found the answer. A little of this flavoring goes a long way — after it's crushed, 1/8 tsp equals two tablets. The more "stuff" you add to the milk, the less it's going to keep its froth, it will start to dissolve quicker. At least that's my experience with skim milk... whole milk might do better. - Similiar recipes
Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole

Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole

"Mmm mmm good! This is a must do for every holiday in my household, or just when you have guests overnight! Can be made with egg substitute, skim milk and turkey sausage to make it healthier!" - Similiar recipes

Dilly Cheese Muffins

These are so delicious, savory and moist. They are definitely a convenience, because you use Bisquik. However, they don't taste like you used an instant mix. They are perfect as a dinner roll and they are just as delicious and moist when you heat up any leftover muffins. They complement any meat or fish. I always end up giving this recipe out whenever I make them and people can't get over how easy they are. Cheesy, Dilly, Oniony, Savory.....MMMMMMMM! NOTE: I have used skim milk and dried minced onion in place of fresh before and they honestly come out just as delicious! Perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner! They are best warm, but very delicious at room temp. - Similiar recipes
Batido De Mango (Mango Shake)

Batido De Mango (Mango Shake)

Many years ago, when I was a kid in New York, we used to get these at Victor's Cuban restaurant. Years later, Victor's had become an elegant restaurant--no more batidos from the window for kids who arrived on roller skates. Nothing could be simpler or more refreshing on a hot day. All these years later, I still think they're better sucked through a straw. For those watching calories, use skim milk. - Similiar recipes
Holiday Peppermint Cocoa

Holiday Peppermint Cocoa

A nice ending to a cold winter day. From BHG. I replace the sugar with Splenda and the milk with skim milk for a lighter treat. - Similiar recipes

A - Creamy Jigglers

Wonderful recipe from the Kraft website. for quick, smooth jigglers. Great treat for Valentines when you use strawberry jello and vanilla yogurt. For those with diet concerns - use sugar-free jello, Sugar free fat free pudding, and skim milk. It tastes great. - Similiar recipes

Banana Cow

I made this recipe for my families Sunday big breakfast. My family really liked this drink. We thought it was more like a smoothie. When I made ours I used skim milk. I'd recommend drinking this right up after making it as the water and milk tend to separate. I got the recipe from Parish Pickens From Lakeshore United Methodist cookbook. The recipe was submitted by Trudy Moon. - Similiar recipes

Batido De Guanabana (Guanabana Shake)

Another childhood favorite--to my taste the best batido Cubano. Fresh guanabana is not so easy to find, but you can find frozen gaunabana in Latino groceries. To reduce calories and fat, you can use skim milk and frozen vanilla yogurt. - Similiar recipes

Brownie Trifle

The official title of this dessert,the recipe for which I cut out of a magazine, is "Jell-O and Cool Whip Easy Chocolate Trifle," but my niece simplified it at our family 4th of July get-together as "Brownie Trifle." [p.s. it wouldn't let me put "1 box of brownie mix" in the ingredients, but that's what you need. I like Duncan Hines, myself.]This dessert was absolutely the hit of the party. We had ages 2-72 in the house, and everyone LOVED it. Super easy to make, and can be as high or low fat as you'd like. When I told my mom after the fact that I'd used skim milk in the pudding and fat-free Cool Whip, she was totally stunned because people were lining up for second helpings. Prep and cooking time sound high, but the "cooking time" is the chill time and the time it takes the brownies to come out of the oven; "prep time" would be the time to make the brownie mix--10 minutes--and the time to make the pudding--about 10 minutes. The milk, water, eggs, and vegetable oil are for the pudding and brownies, but the ingredient list wouldn't quite let me put that, so there it is then. - Similiar recipes

Buffalo Chicken Pasta

This is a nice meal for when you are craving buffalo wings. The celery is definitely optional. This isn't super healthy, but I usually help it out by using WW pasta, Olive Oil (or bake the chicken), Olive Oil Mayo, and skim milk. Also feel free to sub Ranch dressing for the Blue Cheese. Definitely serve it with a big salad! - Similiar recipes

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