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Gluten Free Corn Casserole

This corn casserole recipe is almost identical (at last) to the traditional Jiffy corn mix, sour cream, etc recipe that my family has made for years. Upon diagnoses of celiac disease, this was one of the first things I decided to try and replicate while converting it to gluten free ingredients....and I think Ive got it!! Since we never make this casserole just for my family, many non-celiacs have tried it as well and cannot believe it is Gluten Free! In fact, some relatives of mine have even proclaimed that this version is better than the original! Not bad, eh? - Similiar recipes
Strawberry Omelet With Sour Cream

Strawberry Omelet With Sour Cream

PaulaG and I were partners in a cookbook exchange. This recipe is from the cookbook she sent me, Seasoned With Sun from El Paso TX. It is a yummy alternative to cheese and veggie filled omelets and is great with a nice slice of grilled ham. Thanx Paula! - Similiar recipes
Sweet and Sour Chicken Curry

Sweet and Sour Chicken Curry

This is going to be a new dish for some of you, The chicken is cooked in a spice and mango chutney sauce. The dish is Balti in origin and should be cooked in a wok.Stun your friends with this one. - Similiar recipes

Leaf Lettuce In Sour Cream Recipe

Visiting my uncle's farm where homegrown veggies and greens were the mainstay, this salad made with Black-Seeded Simpson leaf lettuce was and still is my favorite mix. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

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