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Fiery Beef and Rice

This dish makes a great alternative to regular Spanish rice and can make a full meal. - Similiar recipes

Fiesta Spanish Rice

A lot of my dear friends are not big cooks so I?m giving you another simple recipe. This is a guaranteed Spanish Rice Success. No fuss no muss only happiness. - Similiar recipes
Fluffster's Spanish Rice

Fluffster's Spanish Rice

Here's a simple and tasty version of one of the staples in Mexican cooking. You may use water if you don't have any chicken broth, but please make the effort to use the broth. You may also add some chopped tomato and a sprig or so of cilantro sprinkled in top of the finished rice. - Similiar recipes

Grandma Dee's Spanish Rice

Yummy and easy Spanish rice! A one dish meal! - Similiar recipes

Grandmama's Spanish Rice

I know there's many, many spanish rice recipes on this site but this is my favorite. My VERY picky son will eat it too. It comes from a California Rancho cookbook I got from the library. - Similiar recipes

Gus's Spanish Rice

my ex bil taught me how to make this years ago. he has since passed on and everytime i make this i think of him. be sure to use a heavy bottomed pan with a tight fitting lid!! keep heat on low!!! check and stir rice as needed to prevent burning or sticking - Similiar recipes
Spanish Rice

Spanish Rice

There are a lot of Spanish Rice recipes posted here but this one is slightly different and my family's favorite. Adapted from Southern Living. - Similiar recipes
The Easiest Spanish Rice

The Easiest Spanish Rice

This Spanish rice is the best I've ever had. It is very easy to put together. - Similiar recipes

Arroz Con Gandules ( Rice and Beans)

This savory dish has many variations through out all the spanish speaking countries, this is the Puerto Rican version. - Similiar recipes

Spanish-Style Stuffed Bell Peppers

The following recipe takes the rice and vegetables of the classic paella (leaving behind its seafood) and transforms them into a flavorful filling for bell peppers. - Similiar recipes

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