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Cheese Fondue Recipe

Cheese Fondue Recipe

Being a quintessential Swiss dish, cheese fondue conjures up images of alpine ski huts, deep snow and 20°F weather. But even if you don't get snow or cold weather , you can enjoy a good fondue party any time especially the holidays.. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Baked Swiss Cheese Omelet

Feel free to sub other veggies like cooked broccoli, sauteed zucchini for the green onion, also cheddar cheese can be subbed for the Swiss cheese. - Similiar recipes

Authentic Swiss Fondue

A few years ago, while travelling through Freiburg in Switzerland, I tasted the best cheese fondue that I had ever had or have since. Unlike most of the uninspiring fondues that I had sampled before, this was a delightful blend of subtle flavours that complimented each other perfectly. I have prepared this dish a dozen or so times now to family and friends and it has never let me down. - Similiar recipes

Cheese Trios & Spinach Puffs - so Easy and Delicious

I love making this for the kids as it doesn't have any surprise tastes, it is a basic and easy to make finger food that you can show up with a variety of spices if you wish.The cheeses are interchangeable... use gouda or swiss to change the taste, and add nutmeg if that is your taste.You can cut the filo pastry into 8 rectangles and put a small spoonful on the top edge and roll, until you have a filled tube (spray with oil to seal). Perfect finger food and everyone will come back for seconds! - Similiar recipes

Chevre and Tofu Mac and Cheese

We had a lot of cheese to use up one day and this was the result! Used tofu for a protein boost and texture. Use this recipe as a foundation for whatever cheese you have to use up: parmesan, gouda, gruyere, swiss, provolone, anything goes! This recipe made two 9x13 pans. - Similiar recipes
Cheese Eggs

Cheese Eggs

Super easy and tasty! USe your favorite hard cheese--cheddar, swiss, etc. I like a very sharp cheddar. With a teflon pan you can use your fork to loosen them and slide out of the pan--very easy cleanup. Thank you - Similiar recipes
Crustless Swiss Chard Quiche

Crustless Swiss Chard Quiche

I have been working on perfecting the perfect crustless quiche recipe for years. I always use spinach, but I bought some Rainbow Swiss Chard at the local farmer's market today, and I thought I'd give it a try in quiche. I used Rainbow Chard (pink/yellow/white/orange stems---- BEAUTIFUL), but you can use any chard (or try substituting other greens) I do notice that fresh greens give a much better taste than frozen greens though! - Similiar recipes

Fried Cheese

A cheese lovers dream come true! Can be made with Monterey Jack, Cheddar, American, Swiss or Mozzarella cheese.Try serving with red pepper jelly as a great appetizer. - Similiar recipes

Linguine With Ham Amp Swiss Cheese Recipe

I hope you try this wonderful COMFORT FOOD DISH! Prep:20m - Similiar recipes

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