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Impossibly Easy Taco Pie

Impossibly Easy Taco Pie

"No taco shells are needed for enjoying the great taco flavor of this easy main-dish pie." - Similiar recipes
Vegan Bean Taco Filling

Vegan Bean Taco Filling

"Taco filling using fried beans as its base. Great with taco shells, tortillas, or chips." - Similiar recipes

Hard Taco Shells

"Home made crunchy taco shells are excellent! Use home made tortillas, or corn tortillas from the store." - Similiar recipes

Taco-filled Pasta Shells Recipe

This is a different and fun twist on stuffed shells and tacos. The reason this makes so much is because I usually make 2 at a to eat that day and one to freeze for later. This is a little time consuming, but well worth it. It is very versitile, you can change ingredients to suit your tastes. Bacon is really good too! - Similiar recipes

Crescent Taco Bake Recipe

This takes a different spin on tacos. Instead of taco shells, you use crecsent rolls Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

Weight Watchers Taco Soup Recipe

Easy & a great cold weather dish! Can be served with low-fat cheddar cheese, chopped green onions, or some broken Taco shells on top. Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

Speedy Meatless Taco FIlling

This goes great in hard a soft taco shells. Use your favorite. - Similiar recipes

Gus's Incredible Chicken Taco Filling

This is a recipe that I invented about fifteen years ago and has been a favorite among my family and friends ever since.I make this in LARGE amounts, since it goes quickly and can be used in a variety of ways. You can fill toasted taco shells with this then top with lettuce, fresh tomato, cheese, sour cream and or guacamole. I like to put this on tostada shells, sprinkle shredded mozzarella cheese on it, microwave to melt the cheese and then top with sour cream, quacamole and jalapeno slices. You can also do that with the round nacho chips. Another suggestion is to wilt corn tortilla in a skillet with a bit of oil, drain them on paper towels and place some of the filling into them, roll them up and cover with a white cheese and sour cream sauce and garnish with jalapeno slices.Depending on how you use it, this should serve between 6 to 10 people. - Similiar recipes

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