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Tamale Pie for Two (Ww Core)

Tamale Pie for Two (Ww Core)

I love tamale pie but as a solo chef rarely make it. Found this recipe to be the perfect solution and it will easily double for larger families. The tamale topping on this is light and fluffy and complements the hearty beef filling underneath. - Similiar recipes
Polenta Tamale Pie

Polenta Tamale Pie

Tamale pie, made with a cornmeal-mush crust, dates back to 1911. In this recipe, we use ready-made polenta packaged in a roll. The spicy beef filling takes advantage of the excellent bottled salsas and canned refried beans now crowding market shelves. - Similiar recipes
Awesome Easy Tamale Pie

Awesome Easy Tamale Pie

When everyone's starved, and I'm just not in the mood to cook, this tamale pie is the easiest thing to whip together and bake. It can be made spicy or mild to taste, depending on what type of salsa you use. This is the basic recipe, which is quite good buy itself, but you can also doctor it up by adding a couple of sliced jalapeno's or 1/3 a cup of black olives or even creamed corn to the cornbread. - Similiar recipes

Beefy Tamale Pie

FRom another web site this is and easy way to get a tamale taste with out having the tamale hassle! - Similiar recipes

Chicken Tamale Casserole Recipe

Had this for dinner last night and DH loved it! Just a super easy baked dish with lots of Tex-Mex flavors. Not your typical tamale pie recipe! Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

D & D's Tamale Pie so Yummy

My sister and I have always loved tamale pie, but only had it at pot lucks. Our mothers version was from a box, and that was good too. Unfortunatly, they stopped making the kind in a box, at least they dont sell it here anymore. So with some trial and error we came up with this. Our families love it, and it is even better the next day. Very simple to make, and so tasty! - Similiar recipes

Easy As Tamale Pie

Time saving and delicious tamale pie the whole family will love!This is a recipe that you can add any of your own favorites too. - Similiar recipes

Fiesta Tamale Pie

Here is wonderful Tamale pie that everyone will enjoy, and all done in the crockery pot. - Similiar recipes

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