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Grandma Neville's Tamale Pie

Old-fashioned tamale pie. Straight from my husband's grandma. - Similiar recipes

Tamale Pie II

"This is an economical and tasty main course pie." - Similiar recipes
Pie a La Tamale

Pie a La Tamale

This is REALLY REALLY good--much better than Sonic's Chili Pie (but I like and make that too!) - Similiar recipes
Layered Tamale Pie

Layered Tamale Pie

I originally got this recipe from my Great Grandma Ce. But I came up with the layered idea. Originally there were no corn tortillas, and it was more like a sort of meat loaf pie. This recipe is interesting, very tasty, and kid-friendly too! - Similiar recipes

Crock Pot California Tamale Pie

This pie is unusual because it has no crust. - Similiar recipes

Firemans Hot Tamale Pie Recipe

You could almost clean out your pantry with this man-lovin' flavorful pie! A great winter-time treat that I have been making for years! Prep:20m - Similiar recipes
Tamale Pie I

Tamale Pie I

"A quick and satisfying meal of tamales. Serve with sour cream and salsa, if desired." - Similiar recipes

Tamale Pie Casserole

"This is the recipe my mother used to make in the 40's." - Similiar recipes
Fiesta Tamale Pie / Weight Watchers

Fiesta Tamale Pie / Weight Watchers

weight watchers 5 points for a large servingsweet and spicy mix made w/turkey to keep the fat down - Similiar recipes

Vegetarian Tamale Pie

Found in cooking light. I love a vegetarian recipe that doesn't taste less... - Similiar recipes

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