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Fish in Ginger-Tamarind Sauce

"Its a very simple and easy fish curry from Kerala, a southern state of India. You can get the tamarind paste from any Indian grocery store." - Similiar recipes
Tamarind Paste Substitute Recipe

Tamarind Paste Substitute Recipe

For when you don't want to hunt for a small amount of this ingredient or you are allergic to tamarinds! makes 2-3 tbsp. Prep:20m - Similiar recipes

Sour Tamarind Paste Prawns

You can substitute prawns with all kinds of other seafood, like squid, mackerel steaks, lemon fish or shellfish. We do this dish when the weather gets swelteringly hot and it helps to perk up our appetite. - Similiar recipes

Coco - Banana's Dhal

Dhal is one of my most favourite dishes of all time, being a poor uni student and all. You can use yellow or green split peas, lentils, split mung beans or split chickpeas, and use any combination of the following spices: cumin, coriander, cardamom, chilli, turmeric, mustard seeds, cayenne, paprika, aesephotida (hing), fenugreek or tamarind paste. You can always add other vegetables to it as well, for example, cooked mashed pumpkin, potato chunks, chopped spinach, cooked whole chickpeas (or other beans), eggplant and sweet potato. I always eat this over brown rice. Apparantly this is a great dish for diabetics - Similiar recipes

Puneri Dal (Yellow Lentils Pune-Style)

This dal, much prized by Puneri Brahmins in Maharashtra, is sweet and fragrantly spicy, with a slightly sour undertone. Kokum, one of the ingredients, is a local sour fruit which has been dried, and it gives southern Indian food a distinctive flavour. It is often available from Indian groceries, but tamarind paste is an acceptable substitute. Asafoetida is a gum resin prized as a condiment in India. It is also known variously as 'devil's dung' and 'food of the gods'! It has a strong sulphur smell prior to cooking, but thereafter has a pleasant aroma. Asafoetida is a useful antidote for flatulence, and is thus incorporated into many Indian lentil dishes! Goda Masala is a Maharashtrian spice blend. I have posted the recipe for it separately (see - Similiar recipes

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