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Ayam Siow (Peranankan Chicken in Tamarind Sauce)

Ayam Siow (Peranankan Chicken in Tamarind Sauce)

A classic Peranankan (Chinese with Malay heritage) recipe I got off Women's Weekly magazine to which I had made some adjustments. Yummy stuff esp if the taste of sweet brown sugar contrasted with the subtle tanginess of tamarind marinade appeals to you. You should be able to purchase tamarind pulp (assam) from asian supermarkets. Tried it and it's always a winner at family reunion dinners. - Similiar recipes

Tamarind Pudding Shots

The tamarind plant thrives in equatorial regions and is popular both in Asia and in Latin America. This pudding is imbued with the pulp's distinctive mahogany hue, and its intense sour-sweet flavor plays off the subtle chile for a simple dessert. - Similiar recipes
Cape Malay Sosaties (Kabobs)

Cape Malay Sosaties (Kabobs)

Serve these tasty sosaties over rice and chopped fruit such as banana or mango. The marinating time is at least overnight and up to 3 days, plan accordingly. You can also use beef or pork (pork is totally non-traditional) for this recipe. You can use the lemon water as a substitute, however Tamarind is traditionally used in this recipe to add a sour note to balance the sweet flavour. The easiest way to buy tamarind is in cans (Goya) in the Mexican Food section. But it is also sold in packets as a pulp, it looks like pulped dates. You will not be using the pulp, but water made from the pulp. Soak about 100 grams of pulp in water for 10-20 minutes. Squeeze the tamarind pulp with your hand to squeeze out the sour juices. Use the water and keep the pulp in the fridge to reuse. You can reuse the pulp several times until it loses it sourness. - Similiar recipes

Avocado Egg Rolls

A lot of work, but oh so DIVINE!Notes: Tamarind pulp can be purchased at many large supermarkets inthe ethnic food aisle. - Similiar recipes

Khatta-Meetha Karela(Sour N' Sweet Bitter Gourd)

This is nice. Gur(jaggery) gives it a sweet flavor and tamarind pulp gives it a sour flavor. Very nice dish we enjoyed for dinner tonight. Got the recipe from a cookey show on Star Plus called 'Mirch Masala'. - Similiar recipes

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