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Easy Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

An old friend told me how to do this after a disasterous experience with my first turkey. I've been doing this for YEARS and it works everytime for the most delicious turkey you'll ever taste! Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

Carolee's Thanksgiving Cranberry-Apricot Relish

My cousin in KC, MO just gave me this different recipe. She said to follow the simple steps and it will thicken as it sits. Sounds really great and her family loves it. I guessed the amount of ounces for a can of apricots (from trying to find them on the Del Monte website) but my cousin just said to use "a can" so use your own judgment! - Similiar recipes

Cheesy Bacon Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole!

So this one I don't think of the calories since I make it once a year. My family is known to hate Green Bean Casserole however when I created this recipe no one could believe how good it is with crisp bacon and melted cheese this one is a keeper.Don't expect leftovers of this. I guarantee even your Green Bean haters will gobble this up! - Similiar recipes

Cherry Jubilee Ring Mold (Thanksgiving)

In the salads section of the Junior League Cookbook called RSVP from Portland, ME. Submitted by Nancy Cragin. Sounds like a good side dish for poultry or game. There is overnight preparation for the jello to set. - Similiar recipes

Day After Thanksgiving Soup

I always make this soup the day after Thankgiving or anytime we have a turkey carcass. It is very adaptable depending what vegetables and pasta that you have on hand. Some years for a change of pace I use uncooked rice instead of the pasta. Recipe adapted from Bon Appetit (October 1985) - Similiar recipes

Thanksgiving On A Bun Recipe

Great spin on a turkey,cranberry and mayonnaise sandwich. Bell's gives the flavor of stuffing. Prep:5m - Similiar recipes

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