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Thanksgiving in a Pan

Thanksgiving in a Pan

"'This meal-in-one tastes like a big holiday dinner without the work,' writes Lynne Hahn of Temecula, California. It's a great way to use up leftover turkey, but Lynne says she often uses thick slices of deli turkey instead." - Similiar recipes

Thanksgiving Turkey

"Wild Turkey (hundred proof bourbon) mixed together with citrus juice and ginger ale." - Similiar recipes

Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey

"My grandmother and mother passed this recipe on to me. It changes just a little every year, because we've never written it down before. But it is always incredibly juicy and succulent!" - Similiar recipes

Bacon and Bourbon Thanksgiving Stuffing

"This recipe makes a HUGE amount of stuffing--enough to stuff a 24 lb. turkey--so adjust the ingredient amounts as needed. The flavors of bacon and bourbon make it richer than any stuffing I've ever had, and I always get requests for the recipe. There's no good way to mix this without using your hands, so just dive in and do it! Egg-type breads such as challah, may be substituted for dark breads." - Similiar recipes
Classic Thanksgiving Dressing With Parsley, Sage and Thyme

Classic Thanksgiving Dressing With Parsley, Sage and Thyme

"For those who haven't completely given up on homemade stuffing and are looking for a simple, memorable stuffing, this recipe - and it's tasty variations - will set you on the path in the right direction." - Similiar recipes

Garlic-Cilantro Mashed Sweet Potatoes (Thanksgiving)

I copied this from somewhere! You can substitute canned sweet potatoes or yams, drained, if you prefer. - Similiar recipes
Thanksgiving Cheese Ball

Thanksgiving Cheese Ball

This is so very good that one bite leads to 4 and 4 to 8. Dead easy too a few mins with the processor and 4 hrs of chill time, thats it! - Similiar recipes

A New Twist on Thanksgiving Potatoes

Can't make up your mind whether you like sweet potatoes or white potatoes? Combine them. - Similiar recipes

After Thanksgiving Salad

Great and delicious way to use up leftover turkey. - Similiar recipes

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