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Cinnamon Grape Salad With Tofu

Cinnamon Grape Salad With Tofu

A great tofu recipie with both sweet and spiced flavours. - Similiar recipes

Cold Teriyaki Tofu

This is delicious served as a pupu or served with salad. Very simple and flavorful recipe for tofu! Wonderful for a hot summer day. - Similiar recipes

Congo Tofu (Or Chicken)

I've only ever made this as a tofu dish, but the friend I got it from makes it with chicken. It's very good either way. Don't let the odd ingredients scare you--the flavors blend wonderfully. If you make this with chicken, I'd probably use 3 or 4 chicken breasts. - Similiar recipes

Coriander, Curry & Yogurt-Crusted Tofu

The original version of this recipe calls for fish, but I'm a vegetarian so I substituted tofu and it turned out great! - Similiar recipes

Creamy Alfredo With Tofu Shirataki

I just love tofu shirataki noodles for lunch and am always looking for low calorie ways to prepare them. Here's one I created with a little leftover low-fat cream cheese and skim milk! Recipe makes one serving, but could easily be adjusted. - Similiar recipes

Creamy Tofu Savory Sauce

This amazing recipe is from the Spot Restaurant in Hermosa Beach, CA. This vegetarian restaurant is famous for this delicious sauce. It's great on almost anything, including steamed vegetables, tofu, baked potatoes... - Similiar recipes

Crispy Baked Tofu Fingers/Nuggets (Low Fat)

A great tasting, vegetarian alternative to chicken fingers, these tofu versions are a real (healthful) treat. These make a nice snack, appetizer, or main course if served along a nice salad — also great in packed lunches! Serve with your favourite dipping sauce such as teriyaki, ranch, BBQ, etc. I've served to both kids and adults with positive results so I figured I'd share the recipe. - Similiar recipes

Crispy Low-Fat Tofu

This is more a technique than a recipe, but I've found it a GREAT way to get the texture & taste of the kind of fried/gilled tofu that works well on sandwiches, in Vietnamese and noodle dishes, etc. I'll post several of my favorite soaks/braises for this at some point. - Similiar recipes
Yummy Braised Tofu Recipe

Yummy Braised Tofu Recipe

This is one way to kick up those bland tofu. It can be served as a side dish or a main dish over hot rice. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Steamed tofu with pork

A healthy Cantonese dish suitable for both young and old. It is easy to digest. Both tofu and pork are rich in protein that they are very nutritious. You can cook other Chinese dishes and serve with rice. Try it! - Similiar recipes

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