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Crock Pot Tomato and Rice Casserole

A nice side dish for your favorite meal. I use my Rival 6 quart crock pot with a two sided crock. I place this in one side and a vegetable in the other. - Similiar recipes
Orzo and Tomato Salad with Feta Cheese

Orzo and Tomato Salad with Feta Cheese

"A cold pasta salad with orzo, green olives, feta cheese, parsley, dill, tomato, olive oil, and lemon juice. If you don't have fresh herbs, use dried, but be sure to use more to make up the difference in flavor. As a personal chef, I can let you know that my clients love this dish." - Similiar recipes

Tomato Soup II

"This recipe has been in my family for years, the tomato soup is great, plus it can double as juice, so you can use it in many dishes all winter. Serve it as is, freeze it or can it!" - Similiar recipes

Spicy Tomato Juice

Campbell's, get lost! This beats the daylights out of Campbell's "Healthy Request" tomato juice. Feel free to "tweak" the recipe to suit your taste. - Similiar recipes

Fresh Tomato Sauce

When preserving ripe tomatoes, it's\r\nimportant to add bottled lemon juice to\r\nmake sure the mixture is safe for canning.\r\nBottled lemon juice is used instead of\r\nfresh because it has a consistent acidity.\r\nWe prefer the flavor of organic; look for it\r\nat natural foods stores.\r\n - Similiar recipes

Elephant Deli Tomato-Orange Soup, Very Quick

Got this recipe from our local paper, many years ago. It is quick and good, another family favorite. Can be made with bottled pre-squeezed orange juice, but fresh orange juice is better. - Similiar recipes

Fennel With Provencal Tomato

While preparing to cook my fennel in solely a little olive oil, I stumbled across 4 sad tomatoes in the fridge last night that wanted to be used up as well as 300ml vegetable juice. I altered what I had planned to cook, and this is what turned out (nicely, in my opinion). - Similiar recipes

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