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Gluten-free Vegan Cole Slaw Recipe

This mayoless cole slaw is made with apple cider vinegar. Sweet and tangy and super awesome. Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

Garlic-Basil Vinegar

I lovemaking my own vinegar, the variations are endless. And it's simple, all you have to do is pour hot vinegar over the herbs, and let it stand for 2 weeks. Place a sprig of the fresh herb in the bttle, to make it look pretty, especially if giving as gifts. The recipe below is my favorite one. - Similiar recipes

Glazed Carrots With Moscatel Vinegar

This is a Spanish recipe from the San Francisco Chronicle (1/10/07). I haven't yet tried it. Moscatel vinegar is a slightly sweet, fruity vinegar made from Moscatel (Muscat) grapes. You can find it at gourmet groceries or online. - Similiar recipes
Raspberry Vinegar Chicken Breasts

Raspberry Vinegar Chicken Breasts

"An unusual, creamy twist on the usual chicken breast sauces. Ra ra raspberry vinegar, ra ra ra!" - Similiar recipes

Braised Chicken With Raspberry Vinegar

This is a delicious and easy way to make chicken, lightly sweet from the addition of raspberry vinegar, wonderful served on rice or noodles. The recipe is from Williams Sonoma. - Similiar recipes

Sweet Oil And Vinegar Coleslaw Recipe

This Coleslaw is Sweet yet Zesty, goes great with bbq, or any meat. It is Oil and Vinegar based. Longer it sits better it gets. Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

Chicken with Raspberry Vinegar

The raspberry vinegar turns an ordinary chicken dish into something remarkably savoury. Serve the wonderful sauce with homemade mashed potatoes or gnocchi. - Similiar recipes
Chili Garlic Vinegar

Chili Garlic Vinegar

Here's a spicy vinegar for those of you that like it HOT! You can use any chili pepper you can get. Use to flavor your salad dressings or to marinade any piece of meat you like. This is a great way to display the excess peppers from your garden. It's so pretty I've seen people not use it and just display the pretty bottles. Great for gift giving.Oh Yes you can eat the peppers if you can handle them! - Similiar recipes

Cole Slaw (Vinegar Based)

Vinegar based cole slaw, without sugar or fat. I use this with bagged coleslaw mix from the grocery. - Similiar recipes

Pop's Chilli Vinegar

A very tasty vinegar that you can alter for taste. - Similiar recipes

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