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Sesame Green Beans 'n' Water Chestnuts

Sesame Green Beans 'n' Water Chestnuts

"Soy sauce and sesame oil make a flavorful base for these good-for-you green beans from Dot Christiansen's Bettendorf, Iowa kitchen. Toasted sesame seeds and water chestnuts add texture and crunch to this quick skillet side that goes well with beef or poultry." - Similiar recipes

Agua De Arroz (Mexican Rice Water)

There is a small restaurant that I like to go to whenever I have the chance. Unfortunately, since it's about three hours away, I don't get to do so very often. One of the biggest draws for me is their Agua de Arroz, which means "Rice Water" in spanish. But to call it just simple rice water does it such a disservice. It is soooo much more than that! It is a sweet, creamy dessert drink that truly "makes" the meal. I tried it on a whim the first time. I had just walked away from the counter when I took a sip. I whirled around to my sister, who was right behind me, and said, "You have GOT to try this stuff!!!". So today I went searching for a recipe for Agua de Arroz...and found this. It haven't tried this specific recipe, but I will be soon! It sounds very much like the one that I had. NOTE: After trying wasn't anything like the one I was looking for. It turned out to be this gooey, gelatinous...bleah. Since I can't delete the recipe, I thought I'd warn folks. Don't waste your ingredients. - Similiar recipes

Water Chestnut Cake

Sang Maw Mah Tai Goh\r\n\r\nEditor's note: This recipe is reprinted from My Grandmother's Chinese Kitchen: 100 Family Recipes and Life Lessons, by Eileen Yin-Fei Lo. \r\n\r\nThis simple dish is a New Year prize. Its sweet flavor is one of the recurring themes of the New Year. It was special to my grandmother, and it is to me as well. I make it not only every New Year, along with Turnip Cake, but also at other times throughout the year when I fancy it. The water chestnut powder at this recipe's base is cereal-like and can be eaten as a breakfast porridge when cooked with water and dark brown sugar. Among traditional Chinese it is considered a substitute for mother's milk when cooked with water. My granddaughter, Siu Siu, loves it. - Similiar recipes

Chile-Pepper Water

Fragrant, fiery chile-pepper water is an essential condiment on the Hawaiian table, where a few drops of the stuff transforms even stodgy cutlets and lumpen beef stews into something almost magical. - Similiar recipes

Rose Water Homemade - Substitute

The first recipe I found that called for rose water was from a Shaker cookbook. It was used as a substitute for vanilla as the recipe called for either or. - Similiar recipes
Iced Water Recipe

Iced Water Recipe

This is the best way to drink water when at home, chilled in a glass. If you have the luxury of a refrigerator with a ice dispenser and water filter, you can make this recipe in less than a minute. Awesome! Prep:1m - Similiar recipes

Cabbage With Celery and Water Chestnuts

This is a Maya Angelou recipe. I love cooked cabbage and the crunch of the water chestnuts really does make this dish special. We serve with cornbread muffins. - Similiar recipes

A Glass Of Water Recipe

I came home today, hot and tired and sweaty. I really needed something cold to drink .I LOVE COLA. The only thing that was cold was water. I never new how good it could be when your'e thirsy. Servings:1e+06 - Similiar recipes
Chocolate Water Glaze

Chocolate Water Glaze

Found this recipe in 'The Perfect Cake' by Susan G. Purdy. I used it on RhondaJ's BEST EVER Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (#67256), instead of the cream cheese frosting. It pairs wonderfully with the banana cake. Very rich, and it offsets the sweetness of the cake. This glaze sets with a fine gloss and holds up well in hot weather. The consistency is rather fudge-like - creamy and smooth. You must whisk in enough water in the beginning (all at once) to prevent chocolate from seizing. Cakes coated with this glaze can be frozen. This recipe makes enough to glaze one 9-inch 2 or 3 layer cake. - Similiar recipes

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