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Eggs in Salt Water (For Passover)

This really can't be called a recipe. But it is our traditional first course at Passover Seder, and it is yummy. - Similiar recipes

Fragrant Linen Water

I will never be a domestic goddess, I like cooking but I hate ironing!! Spraying this on the pieces to be ironed makes that dreadful task a bit more bearable! The classic fragrance for this is lavender, but I make up different fragrances all the time, but do choose a clear and not dark colored oil. At the moment I have a mix of lemon and rosemary in the bottle. So far it has never stained any clothes, just make sure you shake the bottle before use. Years ago I received it as a present, now I give this away as a present and it is always appreciated! If it goes cloudy it is not abnormal, some essential oils do that. - Similiar recipes

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