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Bourbon Whipped Cream

A dollop of softly whipped fresh cream alongside a piece of pie is one of life's perfect things. If you want the cream to hold up for hours, the optional Cobasan will make it possible, with no compromise of flavor or texture. If you prefer an unsweetened counterpoint to a sweeter pastry, leave out the sugar. - Similiar recipes

Chocolate Mousse Cake - Gluten Free Recipe

Serve dusted generously with extra icing sugar. This cake is delicious served with a little softly whipped cream and fruit – strawberries, raspberries etc. Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

Gluten Free Amaretti Cookies

Very tasty. Can also be used as a base for other recipes (tiramisu for example) or crushed and mixed with whipped cream and berries. - Similiar recipes

Whipped Cream Recipe

If you have a problem with the whipped cream not holding its shape in warm weather,please try it this way,I think you will be surprised. Prep:30m - Similiar recipes
Kiwi Fruit Dessert Cake With Orange Marmalade Almonds And Fresh Cream Recipe

Kiwi Fruit Dessert Cake With Orange Marmalade Almonds And Fresh Cream Recipe

Here's a mouthwatering, scrumptious and totally refreshing combination..... An almond sponge cake,sandwiched with orange marmalade and chopped kiwi-fruit tossed in whipped cream. Then it gets better. Smother it with an icing of whipped almond cream, shower with ground almonds, top with sliced kiwi-fruit, and drizzle with melted white and dark chocolate!!! - Similiar recipes
Tinks Whipped Body Cream Recipe

Tinks Whipped Body Cream Recipe

ok this is a sensual body cream have fun with it .........what can i say use your imagination ................. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes
Whipped Whipping Cream Stiff Recipe

Whipped Whipping Cream Stiff Recipe

Make that cream nice and stiff for toppings or Frostings! It won't 'melt' ... try it! Prep:5m - Similiar recipes

Gluten-Free Sponge

Great when topped with whipped cream & berries or jam or chocolate spread. Note: it will not rise like normal wheat sponges do, but the taste is still delicious. All the members in my family thought so anyway - Similiar recipes

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