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Braised Cabbage (Chou a l'Ardennaise)

Wonderfull cabbage!! Evolved from French Country Kitchen - Ann Hughes-Gilbey. Note: Suitable for any cabbage. Use red wine for red cabbage (plus currant jelly and vinegar),white wine for green and white varieties. - Similiar recipes

Chicken With Fresh Herbs and Sherry Wine Vinegar

Mmmmmm.... A fantastic sounding recipe from Bon Apetit, June, 08. (I love that this recipe doesn't only rely on the acid from the vinegar- dry white wine adds to the delicious-ness!) *Original recipe states that it is "Even lovelier atop coarsley torn escarole." Yum! - Similiar recipes

Apple Tree Shanty Barbecue Sauce

The Apple Tree Shanty graced the east Denver city limits on Colfax Avenue from 1949 until the late 1990s. Their specialty dish was beef tenderloin tips seared in a unique cast aluminum apple mold with a removable lid. The mold and lid were heated to a high 400 degree temperature on the apple wood grill, then the seasoned tips were stuffed in the mold and topped with the hot lid. The dish was served in the mold on a white plate. The beef came out perfectly seasoned and seared to medium rare. This dish was accompanied by a giant baked potato loaded with "everything" and this delectable sauce.Sadly, the restaurant is now closed, but the sauce lives on. From the Rocky Mountain News recipes. - Similiar recipes
Black Beans Potage Recipe

Black Beans Potage Recipe

This is a very old and favorite family recipe that is served with white rice, grilled pork, fried plantains or with boiled yucca. This is a very popular and typical cuban dinner, that is traditionally served on Christmas Eve. The black beans can be eaten as a soup with bread, or with any other meat or poultry. - Similiar recipes
Kouneli Stifado Rabbit Stew Recipe

Kouneli Stifado Rabbit Stew Recipe

This stew can be made with wild or farm rabbits or beef. Rabbit has a white meat and it is very lean similar to chicken. Prep:30m - Similiar recipes
Heather's Stir-Fry Sauce

Heather's Stir-Fry Sauce

My SIL is a newlywed, and she's turning into quite a good cook — we have even started sharing recipes. This is HER stir fry sauce, and I love its basic goodness. You can add ingredients (I'll add a few spoonfuls of black bean sauce sometimes, for example) or change them around (I often use brown sugar instead of white, and sometimes I use rice wine vinegar instead of the white). I keep losing the piece of paper I have this scribbled on, so it's time to bring it to Zaar! - Similiar recipes

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