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Char's Fragrant Orange Clove Milk Bath

I had a whole gallon of milk on hand that was spoilt(while boiling it in a new pot, I burnt the milk somehow!). I didn't want to throw it away, so this is what I made. I love soaking my feet in this bath, relaxing for sometime and then washing it off with clean water. My beautician in Oman recommended adding a few drops of lemon juice to this when using it for the feet. She said its very good and my mom agreed! Try this bath and let me know what you think of it the next time you have some leftover/expired milk. Enjoy! DO NOT DRINK THIS - It's inedible! - Similiar recipes

Flavored Frothed Milk

I was in search of a way to make a flavored frothed milk topping for a hot chocolate gift basket... I had the milk frother, but went through many trials and failures of flavoring the milk and getting it to actually froth. I tried pudding mix, powdered creamers... I think I have found the answer. A little of this flavoring goes a long way — after it's crushed, 1/8 tsp equals two tablets. The more "stuff" you add to the milk, the less it's going to keep its froth, it will start to dissolve quicker. At least that's my experience with skim milk... whole milk might do better. - Similiar recipes
Grandma's Orange Milk Sherbet

Grandma's Orange Milk Sherbet

"My dear grandma made this sherbet for my birthday party in the 1930's. She squeezed whole oranges to get the juice for it. I often double the's so refreshing on a hot summer day." - Similiar recipes

Whole Grain French Toast with Fresh Papaya

Editor's note: The recipe and introductory text below are from The Skinny: How to Fit into Your Little Black Dress Forever by Melissa Clark and Robin Aronson. To read more about the book, see the related Daily Dish.\n\nUse a soft whole grain loaf for this recipe — anything crusty or crunchy would distract from the smooth, custardy texture of the French toast. Papayas are an underappreciated fruit that deserve more play. We chose to pair them with this recipe because their juicy, bright flavor is a nice contrast to the fried bread, and, well, because we love them. But feel free to substitute whatever fruit you like. - Similiar recipes


I actually got the idea for this one from a Lipton herbal tea box. It's a good frothy kind of drink, and it's caffine free, so it's the kind of thing you can drink right before you go to bed (you know, the whole warm milk thing). It's really delicious. - Similiar recipes

Holiday Milk Punch: the New Eggnog

"Homemade eggnog is rich, extravagant, irresistible. But the ingredients - heavy cream, raw eggs, sugar and booze - give one pause. A few years back, I discovered a delicious high-flavor, no-risk alternative: milk punch, made with whole milk (no cream, no eggs). And it's easy to make. No cooking, no whipping egg whites and cream: Just mix and freeze. Make a pitcher today, and stick it in the freezer for the season. The spirits keep the milk from freezing; the freezer keeps the milk from spoiling. But remember, it's potent - one of my friends calls it 'the adult milkshake'!" - Similiar recipes
Super Scrambled Eggs Number One

Super Scrambled Eggs Number One

"These awesome scrambled eggs have bacon, cheese and onion in. Wow! My whole dish tastes like bacon plus goodness! Also, for the record, when I cook these, I normally eye out the ingredients. I just tried to narrow it down for this here website! But yeah, try different combinations and stuff; add more of whatever. Remember: too much cheese can make them too good, but milk - you don't want much milk." - Similiar recipes
Cinnamon Latte

Cinnamon Latte

These have become a Sunday morning favourite for us. Heavenly coffee to warm your tummy! The original recipe calls for ground cinnamon, but it also works very well if you put a couple whole cinnamon sticks or pieces of cinnamon bark in the cold milk. It will infuse the milk as it comes to a boil. - Similiar recipes

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