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Garlic White Wine Spaghetti

I came up with by combining aspects of great garlicky spaghetti sauces that I've encountered in my life. Influences include Linguine Vongole from Giginos, my Mom's garlic spaghetti, and Campbell's clam sauce.Yes, Campbell's clam sauce. I love the little bits of garlic and the clearness of the sauce. I use Xanthan gum as the thickener. Go out and buy it. It's healthy, it lasts forever, it's gluten free, it's worth it. You'll find it at trader joes, whole foods or some foo-foo high end grocery store. - Similiar recipes

Easy Crock Pot Italian Turkey Breast - OAMC

Easy crock pot recipe that requires a bit of prep but turns out delicious! I created this as an alternative to similar recipes that call for a bottle of Italian dressing, because I prefer to control the ingredients in my recipes. (Does anyone really want to ingest xanthan gum?) Shred the leftovers and use them in all manner of Italian and Mexican dishes! Notes: This recipe requires a large crock pot (I use a 6-qt one). Can be cooked from frozen but doesn't absorb the Italian seasoning as well (because seasonings must be sprinkled atop the skin), and may be difficult to get the lid on the crock pot tightly. - Similiar recipes

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